Polyurethane Thermal Column Bearing Blocks

Product Description

JP Series Column-Bearing Blocks are a high density, high-compressive-strength polyurethane foam that is installed between the concrete foundation and steel columns. The blocks provide a thermal break between the building interior and the supporting soils below, providing an effective thermal barrier between steel columns and the concrete foundation in low-temperature buildings such as freezers and refrigerated warehouses. Offering a higher R-value than lightweight concrete, treated wood blocks and other materials typically used in this application, the JP Series closed-cell foam blocks are stable, non-corrosive and customized for each job for fast, easy installation. Unlike wooden blocks, these foam blocks are resistant to moisture and will not rot, dissolve or absorb water. When installed below a column, they do not promote corrosion of steel.

Each product in the JP Series is named for its design compressive strength at 2% deflection: JP-1000 (1000 psi) JP-1500 (1500 psi) JP-1800 (1800 psi)



JP Series Column-Bearing Blocks are supplied cut-to-size with pre-drilled anchor bolt holes available per customer specifications. Delivered directly to the job site, the product is fully cured and ready to use, streamlining installation.




Custom Made For Each Job


JP Series Column-Bearing Blocks are made to order and delivered directly to the job site. Call or email us for delivery estimates and pricing.

Anchor bolt holes can be drilled at the factory. (Customer-supplied drawings or templates are required for factory pre-drilled anchor bolt holes. Pre-drilled anchor bolt holes should be oversized by approximately 3/8″ to allow for minor variations during installation.)


Available in three compressive strengths, JP-1000, JP-1500 and JP-1800, JP Series Column Bearing Blocks support allowable load capacity up to 1800 PSI.

Jasper Plastics is an industry leader in medium and high density rigid polyurethane foam products.

Advantages of JP Series Thermal Column Bearing Blocks:

  • Energy Savings – Reduced thermal bridging through steel columns
  • Strength and Stability – High comprehensive strength helps meet load support needs
  • High Moisture Resistance – Closed-cell polyurethane foam resists moisture, has chemical stability, and does not promote corrosion of steel
  • Easy Installation – Cut to size blocks are delivered to the job site and factory-drilled upon request.
  • Creep resistant – blocks resist distortion under load over time up to 2,100 psi
  • Chemically and biologically inert – products will not rot or decompose
  • Does not attract or support insects or vermin
  • Will not release chemicals into the surrounding soil
  • Compatible with most grouts, adhesives, and concrete
  • Contributes to LEED certification

Product Applications

tank isolation block

Tank Isolation Block

The custom-shaped insulating blocks securely support chiller equipment outside cold storage facilities, thereby reducing the possibility of condensation on the supporting structure.

equipment support block

Equipment Support Block

Placed on top of the building’s roof, these insulating blocks support HVAC and other heavy equipment while preventing radiant heat transfer to the building’s interior. This added insulation keeps the building interior cooler and reduces the load on cooling equipment, lowering utility costs.

floor reinforcement

Floor Reinforcement Block

JP Blocks are used inside the floor panels of insulated walk-in coolers and freezers.
Lower density blocks cost-effectively support shelving and provide a valuable thermal break to prevent the transfer of thermal energy between the floor and the ground. These insulating qualities minimize costly energy losses.

perimeter fall-protection

Perimeter Fall-Protection Block

These sturdy blocks are a key component of a commercial or industrial roof safety system. The high-density material provides load-bearing ability and durability.

equipment support block

Canopy/Mansard Insulation for Residential/Commercial Use

Our JP Series high-density polyurethane foam blocks provide a thermal barrier for metal canopy or mansard supports where they penetrate the building exterior walls.

structural thermal column bearing block

Structural Thermal Column-Bearing Block

The JP Series is designed to support heavy and structural loads while maintaining thermal control within industrial building interiors. Made of proven, high-density rigid polyurethane material, these blocks are ideal for cold storage facilities. They combine high compressible strength with little deflection and extraordinary thermal

precast / tilt-up concrete wall panel block

Precast / Tilt-Up Concrete Wall Panel Block

The JP Series prevents thermal energy transfer between the building and the ground when installed under precast and tilt-up concrete walls. Because these insulating construction blocks offer excellent load-bearing ability and durability, only a few are required to support each wall. This reduces wasted material and costly energy

Performance and Simplicity

  • Greater Value
    They are priced right, offer lower-cost over a longer life and cut utility costs.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Foam’s insulating qualities reduce thermal bridging through adjoining materials.
  • Fast Turnaround
    Most orders will ship within 14 working days of approved shop drawing – the best ship times in the industry.
  • Smooth Installation
    Blocks arrive ready to use, with holes pre-drilled if desired.
  • Solid Track Record
    Our thermal column-bearing blocks have been sold and remained stable in use for 10-plus years.

Features At A Glance

  • Custom-manufactured for specific job requirements
  • Most orders produced as single-piece blocks with no field assembly required
  • Custom-cut blocks provided with optional pre-drilled anchor-bolt holes


Applicable Standards

ASTM International

C518 – Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal Transmission Properties by Means of the Heat Flow Meter Apparatus
D1621 – Standard Test Method for Compressive Properties of Rigid Cellular Plastics
D1622 – Standard Test Method for Apparent Density of Rigid Cellular Plastics



Install JP Series Polyurethane Column-Bearing Blocks on clean, smooth surface. Wet blocks should be wiped or allowed to air dry before installation. Do not allow blocks to bridge voids/gaps or to sit on surface projections greater than 1/8″ high. Fast-setting cementitious leveling grout should be applied between the JP Series Column-Bearing Block and mating structure whenever possible. Do not use any damaged or broken blocks. Contact a Jasper Plastics Solutions representative for more specific instructions.



JP Series Polyurethane Column-Bearing Blocks are combustible. Protect from high heat sources.

Design, use and installation must comply with the requirements of all applicable codes and is the responsibility of a qualified design professional. Product code acceptance is determined by the local authority having jurisdiction. Jasper Plastics is not design responsible.

All designs incorporating these blocks should include appropriate engineering safety factors to ensure safe and adequate performance. The designer or specification writer is responsible for product selection as well as the use and application of this information, and should contact the manufacturer to ensure that all options are available and that the associated specification information is valid and correct.

Placing and Customizing Orders

Jasper Plastics’ JP Series Thermal Bearing Blocks are available through JK Business Solutions LLC. As our distributor, JK Business Solutions is responsive and knowledgeable in the application of these products for their intended use, with staff possessing solid backgrounds in construction management and civil engineering. Please contact JK Business Solutions for technical service and sales assistance.

JKB also offers the following services:

• Material take-off assistance for qualified buyers
• Creation of material shop drawings from AutoCAD templates for customer approval and manufacturing

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All Jasper Plastics products are manufactured in the United States, and are free of CFCs and VOCs.

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