The process that we follow to go from your concept to a new part is as follows:


  1. Request for Quote. At this time budget, volume, and timeline expectations are determined
  2. Design Approval. After the RFQ has been established, we provide dimensional drawings with tolerances for customer approval.
  3. Color Development and Approval. This may take place concurrently; however it is important to have the color established for timeline lead times.
  4.  Pattern Building: After prints have been approved typical lead times for patterns range 1 to 4 weeks.
  5. Tool Building: It is important to understand that production tooling may take up to an additional 3 weeks or more to create a full set of tools needed for volume applications.
  6. First Article of Approval: After the initial tool is built we send out first articles of approval for fit and function.
  7. Production: Average production lead times are 2 weeks. Warehousing is an option for quicker lead times.

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