Recreational Vehicles

Jasper Plastics Solutions creates light weight polyurethane, plastic and fiberglass OEM parts for many of the country’s largest RV manufacturers.  We understand that weight, appearance and cost are king in this industry, which is why we are leaders in our field.

Cedar Creek - Light Frame

This beautiful Cedar Creek 5th Wheel utilizes a Jasper Plastics Solutions light bezel above the island that looks like a dark mahogany wood frame with glass inserts.

Light Frame

A close-up of the polyurethane frame that Jasper Plastics designed and built for over the kitchen island.

Jayco Bezel

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Polyurethane Parts for Boats. Lightweight. Strong. Molded. And it Floats!   Our innovative approach to manufacturing has allowed Jasper Plastics to supply a good number of OEM marine manufacturers with the materials for a wide variety of applications that include...


Jasper Plastics has deep roots in construction.
Nu-Wood, manufactured by Jasper Plastics, is a specially formulated polyurethane polymer that is molded to precisely replicate common wooden millwork and stone masonry products. Our products have the fine details that you would normally only find in natural materials.

Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors
Our products designed to embolden your windows and doors include:
Frames ● Dentils ● Transoms ● Sashes
Vents ● Grills ● Pediments ● Sills ● Headers ● Pre-cuts

Recreational Vehicles

We offer several aesthetic enhancements for RV’s, such as: Acrylic Shower Walls and Backsplashes Digitally Printed MDF Dinettes and Table Tops Headboards and Trim Front and Rear Caps Fascia Trim Textured / 3D Feature Walls Window Trim Fiberglass Roof Systems Vents...


Our spa surrounds feature fully engineered wall systems complete with corners, splices, and cutouts for vents, speakers, and controls. Nearly any texture such as stone, cedar, bamboo, or leather can be exactly replicated for the tub surrounding area. Considering our...


High-Density Polyurethane Board (HDU) is tough and lightweight, which makes it perfect for any sort of outdoor sign. Its closed-cell structure makes it completely waterproof, allowing for the application of almost any finish. Several manufacturers of boats and yachts...

Hospitality Industry

Our range of hospitality-style products includes headboards, mirrors, vanity bases and table assemblies including pedestals, bases, and tops

Turn-Key Manufacturing

Turnkey manufacturing is the mainstay of our business. Our design team turns customers' concepts into reality with innovative engineering and tooling. The Jasper Plastics Design Team is fully dedicated to working with customers' new ideas through the use of CAD,...

Design and Engineering

We make it very simple for you.   When it comes to the design and engineering of plastics, fiberglass, and poly parts, our team is way ahead of the curve and will guide you through the complexities: composites that have varying degrees of shrinkage depending on...

New Product Introduction

The process that we follow to go from your concept to a new part is:

Next Level Technology

In January of 2020, Jasper Plastics installed a UV LED 3D printer, able to print up to 96″ wide and up to a 6mm build-up. What that means is we can print on practically anything and give it up to 6mm of texture. Printed tile and wood walls come alive with 3D printing on materials that are a fraction of the cost, weight and labor of traditional materials. 

Our team can take your ideas and print them on glass, fiberboard, fiberglass, PVC sheets, plexiglass…really, most anything that you can think of. Our only limitation is our imagination.

Radius Corner

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RV Customers

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